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Advanced technology means advanced automobiles, which can unfortunately mean advanced problems. Allow us to explain... In most cases, car models made within the past twenty-five years are designed with an engine management system, centered around the Electronic Control Unit, or ECU. This technology consists of computers that control major components in the vehicle, such as the security system (anti-theft management), key fobs, the ignition switch, as well as other program components. These computer programs allow the vehicle to be fully functional. However, when these components are impaired, it can create a lot of problems, like a car that won't start... That's where we come in.

While in Spain, our President and Master Mechanic Sergio, studied the engineering behind automotive computer programming. When you see a mechanic about repairing a malfunctioning automotive electrical component, they'll most likely refer you to a dealership, or have to buy a new part to program it for your car. This is because they were engineered to be replaced, not repaired. Unfortunately, replacing is expensive ($$$$). At SPACE25 we offer the ability to program/repair your existing car computer component or the computer of another same model vehicle and use it for your vehicle. This option saves our clients money. We know this may sound complicated, but we are experts at this! Give us a call if you have any questions.

We also offer our ECU repair services to other automotive facilities. If you're a shop owner with a client in need of these types of services, we'd love to help.

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