What is an Exhaust System and When Repair is Necessary

It is essential that automotive repair shops that can specialize in exhaust repairs handle your vehicle when issues arise for safety matters as well as to make the most of your vehicle esthetically, which aside from safety and practicality, we know is valuable to the driver! First and foremost safety should be a priority and automotive mechanics should be able to guarantee safety and provide specific advice if experiencing exhaust issues or considering system upgrades.

The Muffler is only one component of your exhaust system

A vehicle in need of a new muffler is usually not hard to identify, you can hear them from blocks away! With that being said, it is important to remember that a muffler is only a portion of your exhaust system.

Other components of and Exhaust:

·        Exhaust manifold

·        Resonator

·        Catalytic Converter

·        Resonator

·        Tail Pipe

·        Exhaust Pipes

All of these components work together to protect your vehicle’s engine by systematically releasing hot, toxic exhaust gas from the engine. If just one of the components is faulty or in need of repair, it can cause dangerous damage to not only to your vehicle, but to all passengers as well as the environment the air is being released to as well.

A driver should want their exhaust system in tact for safety. In addition, it is unlikely any drier would want their vehicle disruptively noisy.

The Process of an Exhaust System Works

Similar to a home chimney, your vehicle’s exhaust system funnels smoke away from your car and guests, in this case, passengers. Your exhaust system also increases low RPM performance through the “back pressure” the system provides. The engine needs the “back pressure” to improve burning efficiency which in turn is what lowers RPM pressure.

For a shop to be able to fully and professionally examine, diagnose, and repair your exhaust system, it should be able to repair the following components:

·        Catalytic Converter Repair

·        Cold Air Intake Systems

·        Custom Dual Exhaust

·        Custom Exhaust System Upgrades

·        Direct Fit Converters

·        Exhaust Manifold Repair

·        Exhaust System Modifications

·        Factory Replacement Exhaust

·        High Flow Converters

·        Muffler Repair

·        Performance Exhaust

·        Pipe Bending

·        Resonator Repair & Replacement

·        Tailpipe Repair & Replacement

·        Tailpipe Tips

A working exhaust system is essential for a safe and soundless driving experience so if concerned your Exhaust system is not intact, contact a certified, specialized automotive shop for a diagnosis and immediate repair.