SPACE25 Automotive Care repair shop in Rialto, CA

An Auto Repair Shop Changing the Approach to Automotive Care

The roots of SPACE25 Automotive Care began in Taberno, Spain, with the opening of an auto repair facility in 2006. After relocating to the United States, we opened our first stateside location in Rialto and have been exceeding expectations ever since. Our success is due to our highly experienced mechanics, who offer comprehensive expertise on all types of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. We are changing the approach to automotive care by delivering quality and passion with every service.

Automotive repair shop in Rialto

"I am passionate about everything that cars represent, from innovation and technological advancement to simply making life easier for all of us. It makes me proud to help vehicles perform optimally and serve their purpose well."
— Sergio Gonzales, Owner & President

Meet Our Auto Repair & Service Team

  • Sergio Gonzales, Owner & President
    Sergio GonzalesOwner & President

    Born and raised in Spain, Sergio developed a passion for auto engineering and mechanics, specifically European cars, from an early age. Growing up, he spent much of his time studying electronics, which has resulted in his vast knowledge and understanding of complex, modern auto electrical systems and programming. In the summer of 2000, he completed a three-year auto repair apprenticeship of European vehicles. Ever since, he has made a living tending to vehicles, which led to a huge decision. In the Spring of 2013, Sergio relocated to the United States to make a name for himself here.

    Sergio continually provides customers with expertise. In addition to caring for vehicles, he is also known for his experience manufacturing and building off-road rally and race cars. In fact, Sergio has built his own rally car and has participated in many off-road rally competitions, spanning from Spain to Africa, including some competitions in the Sahara Desert. He truly is a person who thrives in extreme conditions. His passion for the motor world moves him forward, and that is visible in his love for his job.

  • Jennifer Moreno, Shop Manager
    Jennifer MorenoShop Manager

    SPACE25's shop manager, Jennifer, was born and raised in Spain, which is where her fascination and love for European vehicles began. Like Sergio and the rest of the team, she is obsessed with cars. In 2008, she obtained her degree in management and accounting, so she has a good understanding of numbers, competitive and fair pricing, and administration. An internship with Mercedes-Benz gave her a start in the automotive industry.

    When Jennifer is not in the shop, you will most likely find her reading or exploring nature. She loves to camp and go off-roading. So, if you're looking for the best local spots to off-road, ask Jennifer!

  • Vicente Rodriguez, General Auto Repair Mechanic
    Vicente RodriguezGeneral Auto Repair Mechanic

    Vicente, SPACE25's ardent general mechanic, is responsible for making broken vehicles serve their original purpose and, having worked in the automotive repair industry for ten years, we'd say he does a stand-up job. In addition to bringing a great deal of experience to our team, he is one of the most loyal and hard-working team members we have had the pleasure of working with.

    When he's not working at SPACE25, you'll most likely find Vicente spending time with his family or working on his own cars. (Would you expect anything else from a SPACE25 member?) He's also a foodie.